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Career Opportunity

MIF is looking for an Aviation Mechanic immediately! We need a full-time, licensed and experienced A&P mechanic who is familiar with GA piston/turbo singles and twins. Beechcraft familiarity and/or having IA certification would be a plus. Salary and benefits based on experience; advancement opportunities a possibility. Please contact Bill Perry at (207) 622-1331 or by email at

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MIF's King Air C90 Returning from Boston BOS

MIF’s King Air C90 Returning from Boston

Maine Instrument Flight has a diverse fleet of aircraft ready to take you where you need to go! Whether it’s picking you up in Boston, New York, or Montreal and taking you to the small airport near your home or picking you up and flying you to a business meeting several states away, Maine Instrument Flight can transport you on your schedule and at an affordable rate.  Please see our air charter page for more information,.  Of course, do not hesitate to contact our main office for a quote or submit a quote request.  Save time and money on your next trip and fly with MIF!

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Have you ever wanted to learn how to fly?  You’re in luck!  Maine Instrument Flight is one of the largest flight schools in New England and one of the oldest civilian flight schools in the country. You’ll receive high quality, professional training with a diverse fleet of airplanes and experienced instructors.  You can train on your schedule or take on a more regimented syllabus to get trained quickly and cost-effectively. Click on the icon to the right and and let your dreams soar with us!  Alternatively, you can earn a B.S. in Aviation with UMA while training to become a FAA certified commercial pilot with MIF!

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Aviation Services

Maine Instrument Flight, a family-owned business since the company’s establishment in 1946, is central Maine’s premier FBO, flight school, and aircraft charter company.  Situated in the heart of Maine’s capital city, Augusta, Maine Instrument Flight serves as the gateway for general and corporate aviation for the Augusta and surrounding areas.  The staff at MIF pride themselves in providing exceptional customer service and maintaining a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.