Beechcraft Bonanza F33A

Don’t let its seemingly small size deter you from putting this aircraft to work for you!  This Beechcraft Bonanza F33 is a high-performance, comfortable, and reliable single-engine aircraft.  This aircraft seats up to three passengers in very comfortable seats with lots of legroom and plenty of winter heat-or-summer ventilation. It also has the capability to operate from short runways that a Baron can’t- perfect for island hopping! The instrument and radio package is very advanced with GPS navigation and lightning detection.

Looking to hop over to the islands after arriving in Portland, Boston, or Bangor?  Need a quick way to get down to southern New England for a same-day business meeting and be home in time for dinner?  Call us today for a quote at 1-888-MIF-FLYS or request a quote online– you may be surprised on how affordable this aircraft is!

  • Cruise Speed: 198 MPH
  • Seats: 1-3 Passengers
  • Range: 700 Miles