Aircraft Rentals

Aircraft Rentals at Maine Instrument Flight.

Maine Instrument Flight has a diverse fleet of Beechcraft aircraft available for your rental needs.  All of our aircraft are IFR certified and equipped.  Please see below for a breakdown of our rental fleet.  To be eligible to rent one of Maine Instrument Flight’s aircraft, a rental check flight with a MIF instructor is required.  This check flight, depending on previous experience and currency, is usually only an hour. Rental currency is good for 90 days.  Download the Rental Agreement Form and  Rental Policies here.


Beechcraft Sport 150.

Beechcraft Sport 150

(150HP, Seats 2, 8GPH)


  • N5137M- Single COM/NAV
  • N24020- Dual COM/NAVs, KLN89B IFR GPS
  • N2053L- Dual COM/NAVs, Glideslope, DME
  • N2068W- Dual COM/NAV
  • N23982- Dual COM/NAVs

Wet Rates: Solo $184/hr | Dual $266/hr

1977 Beechcraft Sundowner.

Beechcraft Sundowner 180

(180HP, Seats 4, 9 GPH)


  • N23HK- GNS430, Dual COM/NAVs
  • N2120W- GNS650, Dual COM/NAVs
  • N66126- GNS430, DME, Dual Comm/Navs+ much more!
  • N18516- RNAV, DME, Dual COM/NAVs, ADF
  • N9731L- GNS400 IFR GPS, Dual COM/NAVs

Wet Rates: Solo $205/hr | Dual $287/hr

Piper Seneca II Turbo.

Piper Seneca II Turbo (PA34-200 T)

(2 x 200HP, Seats 6)

**Aircraft cannot be rented for solo flights due to insurance restrictions.

Approved for FAR Part 61 & 141 Multi-Engine Training!


  • Full De-ice and Known Icing Capable
  • RADAR & Storm Scope
  • Garmin 530 & 430

Wet Rate: Dual $747/hr

Aircraft rentals include MIF's Beechcraft Sierra 200.

Beechcraft Sierra 200


**Aircraft cannot be rented solo due to insurance restrictions.


  • (200HP, Seats 4, 10.5GPH)
  • N66293- Dual COM/NAVs, ADF, KLN89B IFR GPS

Wet Rate: Dual $355/hr